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Lawrence David

An innovative ethos, extensive experience and the highest quality.

Lawrence David is a company with over 45 years of history, operating in a stable UK market with a unique product portfolio.

Lawrence David was founded in 1973 by Lawrence Mar-shall in a rented Nissen barrack in the Peterborough area. It
quickly gained a reputation for quality and prospective design and construction thinking. Due to the limited
capi-tal, a significant part of the production was carried out by subcontractors according to LD projects.

In 1978, the company bought the Morley Way site from Pe-terborough Development Corporation. It had an area of
25,000 square feet and was intended for development. The 8-acre production facility had 12 stations, which
tripled LD’s production capacity.

The company headquarters were moved to St. Peters Ho-use (near the center of Peterborough) in 1982 . A year
later, a paint plant built in Morley Way allowed LD to take control of previously outsourced work. Additional
production sta-tions were put into operation.

In 1985, the Roscope production facility was established in a facility leased from the Corby Development
Authority. Another 10 production stations were built in Morley Way, which allowed for the optimal use of this
location. Five years later, LD expanded into repairs and Advance Body Repairs was founded to repair trailers of
all brands.

Lawrence Marshall retired in 2000, and gave his son Lau-rence control of the day-to-day operations of the
company. At that time, he had 14 years of experience at the company, he had held all positions in it, from an
employee in the pro-duction hall to the Commercial Director.

In 2003, the company purchased The A A site adjacent to Mor-ley Way. It was transformed into a new headquarters
of the company and 3 loading platform assembly stations were cre-ated. A year later, ABR moved from Morley Way
to Yaxley.

The Roscope plant was moved to a new location in Kette-ring in 2005, which resulted in a double increase in
pro-duction capacity, and in 2009, following the purchase of part of the Ray Smith Group after its bankruptcy,
the company began asset management (repair and service of loading platforms).

2012 saw the purchase of the Fengate repair plant (Pe-terborough), and in 2014 Corby ABR was established and the
Woodston Point plant was acquired, thanks to which the company’s existing production capacity do-ubled, and the
product range was expanded to include vans without a trailer and commercial vehicles. The years 2015-2016 saw an
increase in the production of vans and commercial vehicles at the Woodston Point plant.

In 2018, Lawrence David Ltd became part of the Wiel-ton Group, and in the following year it introduced the
Wielton chassis to the British transport market. In 2021 Roscope’s Design and Construction and Manufacturing
departments moved from Kettering to Woodston Point, Peterborough.

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