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A Polish company with its head office in Wieluń. It is the largest manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers and lorry vehicle bodies in Poland.

We have come a long way to become a leading Polish manufacturer of semitrailers and trailers. Wielton was
founded in January 1996 in Wieluń. The first owners were Ryszard Prozner and Krzysztof Tylkowski, who started
their activity from a car repair shop, and after many years they began modernizing trailers. The acquired
knowledge and experience allowed them to start their own production of trailers over time.

In 2002, Wielton Trading sp. z o.o. was established. This marked the start of the sale of Wielton semi-trailers
and trailers, and the production was launched in the following year. In 2004, Wielton Trading sp. z o.o. was
transformed into a joint stock company Wielton S.A. However, over the years, when Wielton began to manufacture
new products and catch the wind in its sails, the owners felt capital constraints, and the further development
of the company was questioned. At this point, help came from Mr. Paweł and Mariusz Szataniak, who had also dealt
with the reconstruction and improvement of trailers in the past. And so, in 2006 Wielton S.A. gained new
owners. The companies Wielton Ukraine and Wielton Russia were also established.

In 2007, Wielton S.A. debuted on the Stock Exchange and joined the Łódź Special Economic Zone. The facilities
for the assembly of tipper bodies were modernized. Wielton grew in strength and developed rapidly over the
following years. In 2009, the Wielton AGRO brand was established.

Over time, we became a Group – the Wielton Group, which comprises three production centers in Poland, Germany
and France, as well as two assembly plants in Italy and Russia. In 2016, we opened the Research and Development
Center, which has a station for full truck load testing of semitrailers, the only one in Poland and the second
in Europe. In May 2017, the Wielton Group was joined by the Langendorf group, we also acquired 100% of shares in
the French company Fruehauf SAS. Lawrence David became part of our Group in 2018, and last year Langendorf
Polska was also established.

In this way, we have reached the present day, when we, as a Group, operate dynamically in European and global
markets, developing together. We wish you all and ourselves that these 25 years shall only be the beginning, and
that the Group will grow in strength for many decades.

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