Wielton S.A. sponsored course is an ideal opportunity for high school pupils who are facing the choice how to development further. During a 3 year programme, you will acquire qualifications, which will then be used in the performance of a machinery and equipment mechanic – assembler’s job. From year two, together with improving your qualifications you will begin receiving remuneration for your work.

Machinery and equipment mechanic – assembler

The machine industry is part of a growing branch of industry in Poland. Mechanics are sought after. The job market expects professional employees with high vocational qualifications. Machinery and equipment mechanic – assemblers are in high demand on the current job market.

A mechanic – assembler carries out inspection, maintenance and various types of repairs of machinery and equipment using universal metalworking, assembly and specialist tools and instruments. They check the technical state of machines and equipment using diagnostic methods, monitors, adjusts, tests repairs, installs and starts-up technical units on site.

Duration: 3 years


 Education programme:

Participants acquire theoretical and basic knowledge at the Jan Długosz Vocational Schools Centre No. 2 in Wieluń. From year two, pupils also begin vocational training at Wielton S.A., for which they are paid.

During sessions at Wielton S.A., everyone will be able to take a closer look at the operation of professional equipment and robots used in the production of semi-trailers. The best pupils will be given an opportunity to take part in industry trade fairs and trips.

During the entire education cycle, pupils will acquire knowledge within the scope of using and repairing mechanical, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, assemble and maintain machinery and equipment and to will have an opportunity to complete a professional welding course. At the end to be issued with a professional letter of recommendation in accordance with company requirements, pupils will sit an internal exam confirming the pupil’s qualifications to start working as a machinery and equipment mechanic – assembler.

Please submit applications at the Jan Długosz Vocational Schools Centre No. 2 in Wieluń in accordance with the schedule determined by the school. The schedule is available on the school’s website.

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Cooperating units:


Zespół Szkół nr 2 im. Jana Długosza

ul. Traugutta 12
98-300 Wieluń
tel.: 43 843 49 80
fax: 43 843 49 80

Izba Rzemieślnicza w Łodzi

ul. Moniuszki 8
90-111 Łódź
NIP: 725-001-19-36
tel.: 42 632 55 81
fax: 42 632 37 76

Cech Rzemiosł Różnych i Przedsiębiorców

ul. Targowa 1,
98-300 Wieluń,
woj. łódzkie
tel.: 43 843 82 84