Our potential lies in our people

Wielton Group is one of the largest trailer and semi-trailer manufacturers in Europe. Our products reach 42 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our well-developed construction auxiliary facilities mean we can successfully compete with international players within the scope of product quality and range diversity. Currently Wielton’s range of products includes 65 product types available in more than 800 configurations. Our competitive advantage is not only built on the basis of the quality of our products, but also by employing the best specialists. We are aware that during these times when modern technologies are easy to come by, an organisation’s biggest potential lies in the people who are part of it.

Together, we can do more

In employing more than 2000 people, we are aware of the responsibility we are dealing with. We feel obligated to undertake modern staff straining activities and to create safe and friendly working conditions.

We consider cooperation to be the foundation of success. Our company is home to both individuals with long term experience under their belts as well as young graduates. In combining knowledge and experience with out of the box approach we are able to square up to the challenges facing us on a daily basis with even better results. We value an open dialogue and teamwork, that is why project groups are often made up by persons from various departments of the company. Creativity backed up by a thorough analysis is high on our desirability list.

We willingly entrust far ranging responsibility to our staff, comprising operational and functional roles. This means every member of staff can have a real impact on the company’s future.

Continual widening of horizons

Developing innovative structural solutions would not be possible without a continual development of our employees’ skills. Employees of every department and at every organizational level can take advantage of staff training. We make sure both technical as well as background knowledge is acquired, together with interpersonal and social skills.

We rely heavily on in-house recruitment. This means we are able to promote individuals exhibiting the appropriate commitment and achievements. Many of our current managers and specialists have been acquired in this fashion.

We encourage our staff to take up new challenges and to take advantage of the opportunities which we offer. As part of the Language Academy we organise foreign language courses, primarily English.

We know that only qualified personnel is able to face up to the new challenges which we undertake every day.