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Development and innovation

Continuous quality improvement

The pursuit of continuous development through activities focused on innovation and improvement of production processes is the key element of our strategy.

Wielton is a pioneer in terms of introducing latest production technology in the semi-trailer industry. We have been developing our own technological ideas for years, optimising the production process and introducing technical innovations.

The main direction of the group’s development is primarily about ensuring the highest quality of products, as well as investing in the best specialists and latest processes of automatic and robotics production. In this way we are able to increase not only the quality of manufactured vehicles but also the production capacity of the company. With the extensive construction, automation and robotics capabilities, our company is able to compete with international players in terms of both quality and range of products.

The group employs more than 200 engineers who optimise the production process and introduce innovative design solutions to meet the specific needs of production. Already in the 90s, our production was partly automated, owing to welding robots and cutting lasers in the production hall. The process of improving production is still ongoing – we invest in innovative technologies such as a five-robot production hall, shot blasting plant, paint shop, new production preparation equipment, and automated warehouse.

The company’s strategy and pace of change in the transport industry have initiated cooperation with scientific centres in Poland. Wielton acts as a patron to the new faculty at the Politechnika Śląska (Silesian University of Technology) and to the dedicated class set up in Vocational Schools Centre No. 2 in Wieluń. The area of education is an important part of building the employer branding policy. As part of the innovation development, Wielton launched a remote design office in the Gliwice Science and Technology Park, part of the Wielton S.A. R&D department.

Research and Development Centre

Innovative technology solutions

In February 2016, Wielton S.A. Research and Development Centre was launched. It is the only research centre in Poland and the second one in Europe with a vehicle durability testing. The Centre, being an engineering and research base, is dedicated to creating innovative technology solutions and supporting the development of the Wielton Group's products.


The Research and Development Centre project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Programme. Its main goal is to boost the technological advancement and safety of manufactured vehicles.

The research centre, which is an integral part of the Wielton competence centre, includes a full-vehicle testing station for semi-trailers and trailers. It is equipped with specialised test rigs with state-of-the-art equipment for simulation and material testing as well as vehicle construction diagnostics. This station serves to comprehensively examine and test new construction solutions for trailers and semi-trailers. It enables to exclude possible hidden construction defects already at the design and prototyping stage and to implement sustainable and reliable solutions for production. In practice, this excludes the risk of any defects, even with long-term use of Wielton vehicles.

Production process

Development funds

Funds from EU projects and programmes are used to improve the technological advancement and safety of manufactured vehicles.

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Dyrektor Działu Konstrukcyjno-Technologicznego i Rozwoju

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