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Development project No. POIG 04.05.02-00-070/12
“Establishing a Research and Development Centre for innovative means of transport”

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Innovative Economy Programme
Priority 4. Innovative project investments
Measure 4.5 Support for investments of major importance to the economy
Sub-measure 4.5.2. Support for investment in the modern services sector


The cost of implementation: 21,798,922.87 PLN
including qualified costs 19 300 750,00 PLN
The European Union contribution 9 625 187,50 PLN

Project duration: 1.09.2012 – 31.12.2015

“European funds – for the development of innovative economy”

The main objective of the „Establishing a Research and Development Centre for innovative means of transport” project is the improvement of technological advancement and safety of manufactured vehicles.

When completed, the project will result in t specialised measurement and testing rigs with state-of-the-art simulation equipment for simulation tests, as well as a rig for material testing, brake and hydraulic system diagnostics and vehicle construction diagnostics.
These rigs will enable comprehensive checking and testing of new solutions for the construction of trailers and semi-trailers at the design and prototyping stage. All workstations will be equipped with high-end, specialised instrumentation enabling testing and computer simulations to analyse irregularities and design faults.



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