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Wielton Group

Leading manufacturer of trailers, semi-trailers and specialised vehicle bodies
Wielton is a leading manufacturer and seller of semi-trailers and trailers, as well as specialised truck bodies. We are one of the ten largest European manufacturers in our sector.

Wielton Group

The successively implemented strategy based on geographical diversification and the potential of the acquired companies ensures that the Wielton Group maintains a strong position as one of the top ten manufacturers in the world. Building a strong, competitive position of the Group in European countries is successively implemented through further acquisitions and organic growth focusing on the development of infrastructure and increasing production capacity.

The Wielton Group is a leading maker of semi-trailers, trailers and specialised vehicle bodies in Europe. We provide the best transport solutions for business, competing with the largest international players in the industry. Our customers include companies in the transport, construction, manufacturing, distribution and agricultural sectors. The Wielton Group has five production centres: in Poland, Germany, France, Great Britain and Spain, as well as two assembly plants: in Italy and Russia, and a subsidiary in Ivory Coast.

Wielton Group’s success is the result of a unique business model – multibrand, which is based on a global reach built by strong, local brands. The Group consists of renowned European brands: Polish Wielton, French Fruehauf, British Lawrence David, German Langendorf, Italian Viberti, and Spanish Guillén. Diversification of the business in terms of geography and products is extremely important to us. We gain new markets and build a competitive advantage based on new technologies, while fully using the potential of the consolidated companies. Thanks to geographic diversification and our diversified brands, we gain a better understanding of the characteristics of individual markets and customer needs.

The Wielton Group currently offers 12 product groups available in over 800 configurations. Our product portfolio is constantly expanded with new models adapted to the constantly changing customer requirements. We constantly introduce new technical improvements and use high-class components. Our company offers a comprehensive product portfolio consisting of specialised vehicles and products tailored to individual customer needs. The Wielton Group is also an extensive sales network. In addition to our own sales branches, the sale of our products is carried out through a dealer network around the world. Thanks to the extensive sales network, more than tens of thousands of semi-trailers and trailers with the Wielton logo are already driving on European roads, and its products are currently sold in 45 countries around the world.

From the beginning of the production process, we make every effort to ensure the quality of our vehicles. After the sale, we also provide our clients with professional service support available throughout Europe and comprehensive advice from Wielton engineers. Drivers can take advantage of the network of more than 550 service stations located in 30 European countries. Repairs in an authorised service station are a guarantee of obtaining the same quality as in new products.