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Wielton Group

A leading manufacturer of trailers, semi-trailers and car bodies.

Wielton is a leading manufacturer and seller of semi-trailers and trailers, as well as truck bodies. We are one of the top ten manufacturers in our industry in Europe.

Having solid foundations we have entered foreign markets with courage. In terms of quality and range of products we are competing now with international players.

The current Wielton offer comprises of 15 product groups available in more than 800 configurations. The product range is continuously being enriched with new models, tailored to the constantly evolving customer requirements. We are always introducing new technical improvements and selecting high-end components.

The Wielton Group has two production centres in Poland and France and two assembly plants located in Italy and Russia.

Wielton Group runs also an extensive sales network. In addition to our own sales departments, our products are sold through a worldwide dealership network. Owing to the extensive sales network more than 75,000 semi-trailers and trailers with the Wielton logo are already out on the roads and the company products are currently sold in 35 countries around the world.

From the beginning of the production process, we care about the quality of the vehicles produced. After the sale, we provide our customers with professional service support available throughout Europe as well as extensive consultancy of the Wielton constructors. Drivers can use one of more than 200 points located in 18 European countries. Repairs in the factory guarantee the same quality as of the new products.