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Articulated trailers bearing Wielton logo is an increasingly common sight when travelling along roads all around the world. The awareness of the global brand from what is, after all, a small town is a cause for pride. Products from the Wieluń company can be seen in the most distant corners of the globe, thousands of kilometres from Wieluń. Now another batch of products shall travel four thousand kilometres to reach their destination.

65 Wielton products are headed for Turkmenistan – 50 semi-trailers and 15 bodies.

Turkmenistan lies in Central Asia between the Caspian Sea and the Amu-Daria river. Nearly 4500 km from Wieluń. This will undoubtedly be an extraordinary journey to Central Asia, as tipper trucks were painted in line with the customer’s request in five different colours – red, green, blue, grey and yellow.

The customer, a Swiss company based in St. Gallen, is involved in the development of modern technologies in transport and consultancy in constructing the latest logistical solutions. It is also active with its business in Turkmenistan, where Wielton semi-trailers and bodies are headed. All Wielton products ordered will arrive at their destination in February.

Turkmenistan is one of over 30 places in the world where Wielton products end up. One place, over 6000 km away from Wieluń, where tipper trucks with a camel logo can be seen is Burkina Faso in Africa.

Their durability and versatility are ideal for the conditions there. Pictures show 40 Wielton semi-trailers operating in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkino Faso in West Africa.

Via our sales representative from France, trailers from Wielton also drive the roads of New Caledonia, a French overseas territory in Melanesia in the Western Pacific. The island lies 1,400 km east of Australia and 1,500 km north west of New Zealand. 15,556 km (by plane) and 8,400 nautical miles from Wieluń.

In Europe, Wielton is the fifth largest manufacturer in its field of expertise. The company’s portfolio includes
60 product types, which are used by transport, construction, manufacturing, distribution and agricultural firms.
An extensive sales network means that trailers with the Wielton logo reach more than 30 countries, including Russia, Italy, France, as well as countries in Africa and Asia.

Production and sales of trailers for agriculture is carried out through the Agro segment.