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Every 23 minutes someone in Europe begins to configure their new tipper from Wielton. Such data encouraged the Polish producer of semitrailers and trailers to facilitate access to an innovative application and multiply its language versions. Wielton tipper configurator is already available in nine languages. The original, intuitive and graphic Wielton application, supporting sales of semitrailers, is a phenomenon in Europe.

Almost 50% of steel and aluminium tippers produced in Wieluń are meant for export. Thus, the sale of this product is supported – particularly in Western Europe, where Wielton has a substantial presence. The extension of the configurator by several additional language versions is undoubtedly very helpful. Now, our graphic sales agent is available in the following language versions: Polish, English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Czech and Romanian.

This is the first graphic configurator on the European market created in a user-friendly manner. The application leads a customer through the whole process of semitrailer configuration in several simple steps. For the first time, as first on the market, we allow the customer to configure a tipper remotely and individually. Customer can do it in any free time and at any place.

The customer is a constructor of their own product. Using the available elements, user configures the tipper that is suited to the type of goods transported. The application is developed on the basis of customers’ opinions and their needs, which were reported to Wielton’s salesforce. It supports designing a tipper, thus, the product weight is calculated at every stage of this process. Therefore the customer can resign or change the accessory or construction variants until the optimal weight of the tipper is achieved. Hundreds of possible configurations are available, from choosing aluminium or steel tipper versions, through selecting cubature, frame length, floor thickness, to deciding on accessory options, e.g. selecting tyre brands or rim types.

The configuration can be saved by the customer or sent to the salesperson for pricing. In future, extension of the configurator by other types of semitrailers is planned.

According to the data of the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers (CEPiK), Wielton has decidedly strengthened its position of an undisputed leader in sales of tippers. In 2013 the company sold 224 tippers in Poland, however, in 2014 – 400 tippers. A series of super light MASTER tippers, placed on the market in March, turned out to be a hit. Within several months of this event, the Polish producer has expanded its offer in this segment, increasing a variety of semitrailers up to over 330 configurations.