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This year saw Tankquip and Wielton combine to show three tipping trailers at Tipex16. We had two Strongmasters – a lightweight 32cu mt version designed specifically for the UK market with unladen weight of only just over 6 tonnes with 4mm Hardox floor and 3mm Domex sides (light enough to bring materials in with potential 30 tonne payload, but strong enough to take muckaway off site – a really versatile solution) and a heavy duty version with 6mm floor and 4.5mm sides that will stand the rigours of rougher work and destined for Ireland. We also had a 51cu mt Weightmaster which tares off at only 5850kgs!! Lighter than all our rivals, even those using alloy chassis! We had a steady flow of visitors to the stand and as a result we are quoting some £800K’s worth of business. We are pretty pleased with that.

Wielton now have every model of tipper running in the UK and Ireland and early reports of their performance here in the UK market (and Ireland) are very encouraging. Wielton is constantly developing new solutions for each sector of the semi-trailer market and tippers is no exception. With their three manufacturing centres in Poland, Italy and France they are uniquely placed to respond to the needs of each of their markets around Europe and the UK is no exception. In the short time that Wielton and Tankquip have been co-operating we now have a very productive aggregate tipper, a 54cu mt alloy plank bulker specifically designed for the UK market and a version of Scrapmaster also based on the 7.5m wheelbase chassis developed for the UK that meets the needs of the scrap transport industry perfectly.

Keep viewing our websites to stay right up to date with all the companies developments. We are working hard now to establish the basis of our service network and organising stock of fast moving parts specific to Wielton to ensure we can give you the best service if you decide to give us a try with a new trailer. Wieltons recent €1 million investment in a state of the art research and development facility at their headquarters in Poland is your reassurance that we will stay in front by providing technically advanced solutions based on sound engineering and “on the road” experience – follow the Camel!