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Wielton SA, 11th of February 2016 pens its Research and Development Centre (RDC) in Wielun. The Centre as an engineering and learning facility develops innovative technology solutions and supports product development for the Wielton group. Investment in the research center is one of the pillars of Wielton group’s strategy based on innovation.

Investment in the research and development center is another step on the road to being a technology leader in the European market. We want to give customers a 100% guarantee of reliability of our products. We want to recruit the most talented engineers and scientists such that our products are the best on the market – both in terms of technology and quality. It will consolidate the competitive advantage Wielton on the European market in the long term – said Mariusz Golec, CEO Wielton.

The event is embraced under the honorary patronage of Marshal of the Voivodship of Lodz,  Witold Stepien. Among the special guests were representatives of Karol Młynarczyk Deputy Governor of Lodz, Joanna Skrzydlewska, Deputy Marshal of Lodz, Jerzy Majchrzak from the Ministry of Development, Paweł Okrasa, Mayor of Wielun and Andrzej Stepien, Foreman of County. The ceremony gathered representatives of the world of science and business, as well as many representatives of the media.

The event is under the honorary patronage of Marshal of Lodz Witold Stepien, care media exercised TVP3 boat and Radio Lodz.

CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT WIELTON SA – The only such research center in Poland and the second in Europe
Investment in the Research and Development Centre included the construction of two new buildings and modernization of rooms in an existing building at Wielton’s production facility in Wielun. As a result of works carried out there is now a very modern hall for studying simulations and prototyping, an office building, a specialized test stand for fatigue and endurance testing of trailers and semi-trailers, a braking diagnostics station and a station for vehicle construction diagnostics.

Wielton has the status of a research and development center, which allows the company to act as a scientific institution and fund research and development from external resources, including from EU funds and the National Research and Development Centre. The investment in the CBR has been realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, at present the Ministry of Development. Wielton received support from the European Regional Development Fund within the Innovative Economy Programme. Investments amounted to nearly 22 million zł, of which approx. 9.5 million zł came from EU funds.
The research center, which is an integral part of the Wielton competence center,  is unique in the country and the second in Europe station to full vehicle study of trailers and semi-trailers. It is equipped with specialized post measuring and testing of first-class equipment used for simulation studies, materials and diagnostics of vehicle construction. This facility is a comprehensive checking and testing station for new design solutions for trailers. Thanks to this development already at the stage of designing and prototyping is possible to elimination of any hidden structural defects and implementation of durable and reliable production solutions. In practice, this means the exclusion of the risk of any defects, even after many years of operation of Wielton vehicles.

As part of the investment in innovation in June of last year Wielton opened the remote design office in the Gliwice Science and Technology Park, part of the R & D operations in Wielton SA.  The framework of transfer of innovative technologies from academic sources to business support and cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology is operated under the auspices of Wielton’s special academic program titled „Designing mobility mechatronic systems” in the mechatronics department.
We want to support talent amongst Polish students and postgraduates. CBR provides an excellent platform for cooperation and exchange of experience with the academic world through research projects – said President Mariusz Golec. “We want to maximize both the  intellectual and technical potential of Polish scientists, whose competences for many years are appreciated in Europe. It is thanks to Polish technological intellect we compete with Western solutions – stressed President Golec.