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Interview about RDC status for Wielton with Mariusz Golec, Vice-President of the Management Board

What does RDC status mean for Wielton?

For Wielton, the decision by the Ministry of the Economy means not only tangible benefits, but above all prestige. Only 34 businesses on Poland have RDC status.

This opens up for us the opportunity to take part in scientific projects financed from sources including the funds which the National Research and Development Centre has at its disposal, under similar principles to those which colleges and universities can. This is confirmation of the high level of competencies which our company has, the rank of a business which creates its own projects and implements their production.

By holding the RDC status, Wielton also obtains additional rights – to apply for a subsidy for statutory work (depending on the category held), parameterisation, conducting research and development work for our own requirements and as an external service.

The conditions we had to meet to obtain RDC status

An enterprise applying for RDC status should achieve net income from the sale of goods, services and financial operations of at least €1.2m for the previous year, according to the principles set out in the Accountancy Act. A minimum of 20% of this amount should consist of net income from sale of its own R&D work. We submitted our application for RDC status last year. It included a description of the research and the R&D work conducted at our company, as well as the results and a list of patents obtained.

Does the fact that Wielton is now an RDC mean a change in the company’s business? Will these changes affect the employees?

The status changes the rank of our activities. I believe that this will give the employees a feeling of worth, and increase their awareness of working in a company which is innovative, competent and professional. Without the help of every one of our employees we would not have the chance for such development. RDC is also a signal sent out to those with an interest in us that Wielton is determinedly realising a strategy of increasing competitiveness, such as by realising projects which will result in new technological solutions to give customers the best product on the market.

The status also provides the opportunity to create an innovation fund for R&D work, entitling us to benefit from the principle of accelerated amortisation. And importantly, RDC status means that the trailer and semi-trailer manufacturer from Wieluń will increase expenditure on research activities by the profits from tax breaks.

Now RDC status CBR, what next? What are Wielton’s further plans in connection with the expansion of our R&D activities?

Acquisition of RDC status by our company involves a range of further intensive activities which are necessary to maintain the status granted to us, raise the category of our research and development work and exploit to the maximum possible degree all the opportunities which RDC status gives our business.

These are benefits but also obligations, which is why we can already talk about intensifying cooperation with higher education in Poland and abroad in the field of new R&D projects and acquiring new engineering staff. We can all see the Research and Development Centre being created – this is the logical continuation of our development strategy. RDC status is a coronation of our actions, confirmation that we are going in the right direction, and doing it very professionally. We will increase employment in the R&D department, and extend our offer to include modern solutions in the products which are already competitive against trailers made by the biggest global brands.

Fitted out with specialised equipment, including the only post in this part of Europe for full-vehicle inspections of semi-trailers and a team of experienced engineers, we will also be able to provide research services externally. This is a sign for the customers that by cooperating with Wielton they are working not only with Poland’s largest manufacturer of semi-trailers, but also a Centre of Competence which is unique in this industry.