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June 29, 2015 the Supervisory Board appointed Mariusz Golec as Chief Executive Officer of Wielton SA. Mariusz Golec will be responsible for the further national and export sales expansion of the group, the development of innovative products and solutions to enhance the competitiveness of company in the industry. The mission of the Board for the coming years is to become the third largest European manufacturer of semi-trailers.
Having identified the next important stage of group development , the Supervisory Board decided to entrust the function of Chairman of the Board to Mr. Mariusz Golec. Possessing an in-depth industry knowledge, knowledge of optimization of management and production processes in the company and many years of experience in the field of development and innovation these are his key competencies, which will further strengthen the position of Wielton on the market, says Pawel Szataniak, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Wielton SA.
The Supervisory Board appointed Mariusz Golec to the position of Chairman of the Board for three years. The earlier agreement with the outgoing President of Wielton, Mr. Andrzej Szczepek, who led the company since 2010, expires.

We appreciate the tremendous contribution of Mr. Andrew Szczepek in the development of Wielton. In the last 5 years under the leadership of Andrews Szczepek, Wielton became a truly European company with a modern approach to management, stable personnel and development of production facilities needed for further expansion. Wielton today is a company ready to meet new challenges with potential for expansion in the world, emphasizes Pawel Szataniak .
Andrew Szczepek contributed to Wielton’s significant development in recent years. The biggest successes during his mnagement of the company include optimizing the internal organization of the company and the expansion and improvement of management processes. An important contribution of the President Szczepek is also working with personnel system implementation. As part of the expansion Wieltonu at home and abroad, President Szczepek contributed to the successful acquisition of Fruehauf. In May this year Wielton S.A. signed an agreement to acquire the French trailer market leader. The acquisition of Fruehauf by Wielton Group opens the way to achieving the position of the third largest European manufacturer of semi-trailers with an initial production potential of 11 thousand products per year.
Wielton today faces new challenges. The mission of the Board is to become the third largest European manufacturer of semi-trailers. The competence and experience of Mr. Mariusz Golec meet the needs of the company in this new stage of development, says Pawel Szataniak, Chairman of the Board.
Changing of the leadership in Wielton is the result of a natural process of preparing a successor for the position of Chairman of the Board. Mariusz Golec, 16 years associated with Wielton as Vice President, has in-depth knowledge of the company, its products and business areas. Mariusz Golec is an expert in the field of management and production processes and innovation, which is of particular importance to further competitiveness of the company. He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University of Lodz and postgraduate studies in Business Management MBA from the University of Economics in Wroclaw.
Before us great prospects for development. We focus on optimizing management processes and manufacturing and innovative solutions in the area of production, which should translate into quality products and competitive advantage in the industry. Further expansion in the country and abroad are a priority. Ranked in the top three European manufacturers is the goal for the Board in the coming years indicates Mariusz Golec, CEO of Wielton SA.

Wielton is present in more than 35 markets in Europe, Asia and Africa, with a competitive advantage in tippers and high volume combination units, through the continued implementation of innovative solutions. In particular client groups are companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Norway, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Estonia, Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Serbia. The plan is to conquer markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The company offers approx. 60 types of products tailored to meet the needs of different customers at home and abroad.
The newly appointed Executive Board focuses on the further development of the organization, among other things, by optimizing management processes and production and innovation.
The key to success in today’s market is a modern and flexible organization, in which innovation is written into its DNA. That company is Wielton, which has all the assets necessary to ensure that with increasing scale of operations to gain new markets, explains Mariusz Golec, CEO of Wielton SA.
In June this year. Wielton opened a design office in the Science and Technology Park Technopark in Gliwice. The Project Office will support the transfer of innovative technologies from the Technical University of Silesia to enhance Wielton’s competitiveness. Wielton SA has the status of Centre of Research and Development, which allows it to act as a scientific institution and receive research funds from external resources, including EU funds and the National Research and Development Centre.
Innovation in products and production processes and 100% guarantee that the product will work implemented by the decade will allow us to build a brand that will successfully compete against companies with the largest share in the world market, says President Golec. As part of the further dynamic development of the group at the same time we want to keep what it has always been our strong point: organizational flexibility and ability to quickly adapt to market needs and to meet customer expectations both of these with the needs of high-volume products, as well as those of individual orders, emphasizes Mariusz Golec.